Private Yoga Tuition in Edinburgh

Private yoga tuition can be a great relief for those wishing not to do yoga in a public class environment, for those who want to learn yoga techniques faster or for those who have specialised requirements, such as a particular injury or illness, that would benefit from a tutors undivided attention.

Private Yoga

Read on below to find out the benefits of private yoga tuition

For Injury

Yoga can be a great exercise for many of us suffering with illness or injury – it can be adjusted easily to either focus on strengthening certain areas or to simply avoid over exerting particular parts of the body. 

With private tuition you get the chance to experience a class designed around you and your needs, whether it’s focusing specifically on a back injury or simply working on building up strength without the fast pace of the gym.

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For Privacy

For a number of reasons you may wish to have a private session – maybe you’d rather fit yoga into your own schedule or you simply don’t like the class environment.

It could even be that you have a trusted group of friends or colleagues that you’d really like to spend time with, without any strangers involved!

Whatever it may be, a private session is easy to setup – just enquire with Fay to find out more about potential locations, times and prices.

For Training

If you’re very keen on yoga and would like to learn as much as possible, it can be very beneficial to book private tuition. Fay can then adjust the curriculum that she’s teaching to suit you and your learning pace.

She can also give you her undivided attention to make sure each movement is exactly as it should be.

If you’re interested in private yoga tuition, simply contact Fay to discuss further details.

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