Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy brings an entirely different approach to the yoga class, which has its place but I think we can agree isn’t for everybody.  My intention is to share yoga in a way that really works for you, enables you to feel the benefits, and most of all enjoy yoga! 

Read on below to find out the benefits of private yoga tuition

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is an approach to yoga that is individual, and is to meet the needs of the individual.  We take the tools from yoga, and inform ourselves with up to date scientific research to bring the safest practices to you.  Although en masse yoga classes have popularity, I think we can agree they are not for everyone, however much we’d like to think they are,  Traditionally, yoga was taught 1-1, and this is really the only safe way thousands of years later.


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Many people tell me they haven’t been to yoga although they’d like to because they aren’t flexible enough.  Well, that not what were doing here.  In yoga therapy, we just work with how you’re feeling that day, and with your own intentions for doing yoga.  Yoga Therapy may be of assistance if you have 

Chronic pain, fibromyalgia. joint pain,

Burnout, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue

Parkinsons, muscular-sclerosis, 


Autoimmune conditions, diabetes and arthritis

Where is yoga therapy held?

Yoga Therapy can either be 1-1, or if a few people want to and have similar needs in a small group.  1-1 allows us much more scope to meet your needs.  I have a small home studio, and sessions can also be on zoom.  All classes are accessible and trauma informed, 

My areas of interest are cancer care, chronic pain, and autoimmune conditions.  It is my intention to help you live a more comfortable life, and my mission to make everyday life easier 


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