About Fay

Fay started practising yoga many years ago while travelling in Mexico. She has over a decade of experience in healthcare and over twenty years in dance – making her a unique instructor who has a clear talent for both understanding the intricacies of the human body while also being passionate about spirituality and the inner peace that yoga brings.

Below she tells us much more about herself and her journey with yoga.






“I fell in love with yoga during a trip to Mexico 8 years ago while travelling with a friend.

There was a teacher training school by the beach that allowed for drop ins and I went along one morning, curious about yoga but not really knowing what it was, I’d been travelling for months and missed ballet classes. I was instantly captivated by Lal; his teachings of yoga philosophy and yoga science that he incorporated into the physical class, that I went back everyday of the trip, some days twice.

I left the island with a new passion; practising the routine he taught me for the rest of the trip and knew that this was the beginning of a new path of life for me. Noticing the benefits to my own physical and emotional health over time, practicing increasingly regularly, and steadily adopting a meditation practice, I felt ready eventually to take an immersive course with the wonderful Liz Lindh and began to teach.

At different times I have practiced Shivananda, Asthanga, Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. For me, Vinyasa and the Yin Yang style in which I teach allows for more creativity and uniqueness and is accessible to everyone. I enjoy dynamic movement and finding new ways to open the body.

Through a previous career in healthcare I have met many many people from all different backgrounds and I firmly believe yoga is for everyone, and can benefit everyone. There is a style that will suit you, regardless of physical ability or flexibility. All of my classes are welcoming, warm and accessible to all levels.”