About Fay

Hi, I’m Fay 

I’m on a mission that through the teachings of yoga we are all able to live a healthy, pain-free and stress-free life.  I’ve been practicing yoga for over a decade, completed thousands of hours of trainings, and learned from some of the most expert teachers in the world today.  I believe that yoga can assist us in living a happy peaceful life.








Yoga for me gradually became a way of life, from a few sporadic classes in the gym to a daily practice, to taking my first teacher training in Costa Rica in 2018.  Yoga has been the presence in my life that has carried me through challenging times.

Although I initially trained as a nurse, a career I pursued for 12 years, complimentary therapies were always in the back of my mind.  In 2017 I trained as a massage therapist, and 6 months later I took my first yoga teacher training.  Feeling slightly disillusioned with the general approach to health I started teaching full time, and was lead to the path of yoga therapy.  Now, I get to bring together my background in nursing with my passion for yoga through Yoga Therapy. I feel yoga has its place alongside conventional medicine in allowing us to live a more comfortable life, feeling calm, and happy.  Perhaps now is when we need yoga the most, and we can all benefit.

I’d love to assist you on your journey!